Japanese-inspired salad bar and health chain FISHBOWL is launching a brand new menu addition that is here to stay – the Chilli Chicken Bowl. It will officially be available from Thursday, March 23rd in all stores across Australia for RRP $13.90.

The Chilli Chicken Bowl was created to spice up our lives because the good people at FISHBOWL believe less prepping means more repping. This one is for the gym junkies, pilates lovers, athletic millennials, aspirational Gen Z’ers and everyone in between.

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  • What: FISHBOWL will launch the ‘Chilli Chicken Bowl’ on Thursday, March 23 2023.
  • When: It will be available from all locations across NSW, QLD and VIC for RRP $13.90. FISHBOWL locations are available here
  • What else you need to know: FISHBOWL will also be launching the “Pull Up Price Down” Challenge in selected stores where guests will be able to show off their pull-up skills to bring the price down of their delicious bowl.
  • What’s in the bowl: The bowl will include chicken and all-new ingredients sweet potato, Umami cashew crunch and Mild Hot Chilli Peppers dressing.