Sour Patch Kids – renowned for their much-loved ‘sour then sweet’ jellies – has launched a new, fun jelly offering called Space Kids and they are the best thing to hit the planet (particularly when you’re looking for that afternoon sugar hit). It’s the brand’s first dual-flavoured space-themed sweets with four flavour pairings. 

Flavours include peach and cream, strawberry and blackcurrant, pineapple and orange and watermelon and lime, in cute, intergalactic shapes including a spaceship, astronaut, shooting star and Saturn.

The launch aligns with the Super New Moon on Monday 20 February, and Sour Patch Kids claim these jellies will take your taste buds on an epic space adventure (to the moon, of course!) with an out-of-this-world taste sensation.

“We’re delighted to announce the launch of Space Kids as part of our expanding collection of Sour Patch Kids products. We’ve taken one giant leap with the launch of dual-flavoured foams and jellies, but with the classic sour-sweet gone twist,” says Kelly Graham, Senior Marketing Manager, Mondelēz International. 

Sour Patch Kids Space Kids is Aussie-made featuring no artificial colours or flavours and is available in-store at Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets in 190g for RRP $4.00.