NON is revolutionising the wine scene once again with the unveiling of their latest addition to its excellent range of alcohol-free wine alternatives – NON8. Like its seven beloved predecessors, NON8 is a symphony of bold, natural flavors. With standout notes of torched apple and oolong, this beverage strikes the perfect balance between zesty, fresh, opulent, and irresistibly moreish.

Launching with the changing of the seasons, NON8 is a fruit-based beverage created using winemaking techniques that involve apple skin contact. Something of high minerality and high acidity, yet pleasant on the palate. Founder Aaron Trotman and his team of experts embarked on a journey of cold steeping freeze-dried apple cubes, sourced locally from the bountiful orchards of Red Hill in the Mornington Peninsula. 

This unique process removes 85 per cent of the apple’s water content, resulting in a concentrated fruit flavour. To complement this base, the team has artfully infused Keemun tea, Oolong tea, cacao nibs, burnt sugar, ginger root, and Murray River salt, each contributing its own distinctive character and strength.

NON8 is the first in a series of the Spring/Summer 2023 capsule collection. Conceived by Founder Aaron Trotman and masterfully crafted by Head Maker Nick, this marks the commencement of NON’s exclusive limited-edition series, challenging consumers to explore the world of beverages with a fresh, sensory perspective. 

“We had this idea for NON8, one that became irresistible as it took shape. It hinges on the natural cycle of ingredients, hence the anticipation. It’s bold and sharp, making it the ideal start for our capsule collection. We’re diving into uncharted taste territories, and I’m eager for everyone to join us on this gastronomic journey,” says NON Founder, Aaron Trotman. 

NON8 is said to be the perfect accompaniment for poached lobster, creamy pasta, grilled vegetables, or spicy asian cuisine and is best served chilled in a wine glass. 

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