Old Fat Unicorn and Noble Fellows are revolutionising the classic glass of wine with their innovative new single-serve spritzers. These effervescent newcomers are tailored to contemporary drinking preferences favouring bold flavours and convenience. As ready-to-drink options like seltzers gain traction among Gen Z and Millennials, these spritzers offer a fun alternative, perfect for picnics or casual get-togethers.

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Featuring natural flavours that complement and accentuate the wine’s unique qualities, these spritzers provide a refreshing and flavorful introduction to wine, appealing instantly to the palate. Packaged in convenient single-serve bottles and cans, available in both 4-packs and individual servings, they invite consumers to explore without commitment.

The new release includes:

  • Noble Fellows Pinot Gris White Peach Spritzer
  • Noble Fellows Sauvignon Blanc Passion Fruit Spritzer
  • Old Fat Unicorn Musk Moscato Spritzer
  • Old Fat Unicorn Crisp Apple Prosecco Spritzer

Crafted to meet market demands, these spritzers offer a conscientious drinking choice. They contain at least 50 per cent less alcohol than standard wine, typically between 4.0-5.0 per cent alc/vol, and are low in calories, except for the indulgent Old Fat Unicorn Musk Moscato spritzer, which only contains 95 calories per serving. Lightly spritzed and naturally flavoured, these spritzers provide guilt-free refreshment without compromising on taste.

  • Old Fat Unicorn 4 x 300mL bottles are available at BWS and Dan Murphy’s for RRP $25. 
  • Noble Fellows 4 x 250mL cans are available at BWS (excluding the Noble Fellows Passionfruit) and Dan Murphy’s for RRP $22.