Acclaimed international contemporary artist MAXIM is visiting Sydney for his first Australian exhibition in partnership with North Epping’s Gallery 11:11.

His new exhibition titled “PARALLEL UNIVERSES” draws inspiration from studies of history, nature, cosmology, physics, and socioeconomic and political events (past and present). You can catch MAXIM’s solo exhibition exclusively at Gallery 11:11 from 10 – 25 September 2022.

MAXIM splits his time between Los Angeles and Prague and is world-renowned for his use of vibrant colour, music and texture across the mediums of graphic design, photography, lithography, calligraphy and letterpress. 

“Our decisions form our lives. Each choice we take leads us somewhere and affects everything around us. That is how we create our reality. But imagine all the what-ifs? What would have happened if I had made a different choice? What would my life look like then? Is it possible there are other universes where we live our lives based on the various turns we take? The possibilities are infinite. An unlimited number of parallel universes where we live our lives simultaneously yet with very different outcomes. What if we could jump between these parallels? What if the events of these other lives get encoded into our DNA? Could those memories be dreams that visit us at night? Could those dreams open the gates into parallel universes? Let me take you there – let us walk through the untold, the unseen, the possible – through the eyes of the observer.” – MAXIM

When: Now until 25 September 2022

Where: Gallery 11:11. Corner of Malton and Norfolk Road (entrance on Norfolk road) North Epping NSW, 2121