Radix Nutrition is changing the breakfast game for Australians with a range of products designed to boost nutrition, save time, and make mornings easier. Founded by former athlete Mike Rudling, Radix Nutrition isn’t just for the pros—these products are perfect for anyone looking for a quick, healthy, and tasty food option to kick start their day.

What makes Radix Nutrition stand out is its dedication to using natural ingredients and solid science. Rudling points out their meals are the result of serious research and testing, ensuring each product is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and over 100 nutrients. Plus, they’re gluten-free, soy-free, GMO-free, and loaded with fibre, omega 3 & 6, phytonutrients, and prebiotics. 

The breakfast range priced at $49.90 for a pack of eight comes in nine flavours (apple cinnamon, blueberry, banana, chocolate, coconut, mango, mixed berry, strawberry and vanilla). Made from superfoods, grains, seeds, and fruits, these breakfasts are as simple to make as they are nutritious—just add water or milk, and you’re good to go.

Also available is Radix’s new whey protein range ($54.90 for 1kg bag), made using New Zealand dairy where 96 per cent of the cows are grass-fed and the dairy is free from growth hormones. This whey protein is also free of added sugars, gluten, and each serving is just 117 calories. Plus, it’s been tested to ensure it contains no banned substances, making it a safe choice for athletes and health enthusiasts alike.

“We’re not just about making breakfasts,” says Rudling. “We’re setting a new standard in nutrition by using the latest insights into human metabolism and nutritional science. Our goal is to give everyone the tools to reach their health potential, starting with the most important meal of the day.”

Radix Nutrition also caters to different dietary needs with Keto, Ultra, and FODMAP options, making sure there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a professional athlete, an adventurer, or just have a packed schedule.

You can find Radix Nutrition products online and at major outdoor stores including Anaconda.