Sydney-based coffee roaster Single O is expanding into Japan, starting with the opening of a new Ryogoku Roastworks this April. The Roastworks will feature a roastery and cafe, offering Single O’s coffee, self-serve batch brew taps, and a breakfast and lunch menu. With a growing customer base in Japan, the new Roastworks will increase production capacity fourfold to better serve local coffee enthusiasts. Following this, a new coffee bar concept will open in Shibuya in July, marking Single O’s third outpost in Tokyo.

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The Ryogoku Roastworks will be Single O’s second cafe in Japan, serving its signature blend Reservoir and rotating single origins. The cafe will also feature a self-serve coffee-on-tap counter offering various single-origin batch brews. The breakfast and lunch menu will highlight high-quality seasonal produce, with familiar Australian dishes adapted for the Japanese market.

The new Roastworks, replacing the existing roastery, signifies a significant milestone for Single O, allowing for a considerable increase in production capacity. Additionally, Roastworks will provide on-site quality control and training facilities for wholesale partners, emphasising the brand’s commitment to nurturing talent and enriching Japan’s specialty coffee culture.

The launch will be overseen by Yu Yamamoto, Single O’s Japan general manager, who has been instrumental in the brand’s expansion in Japan for the past 15 years.

Designed by Sydney-based firm Luchetti Krelle, the Ryogoku Roastworks pays homage to Single O’s industrial heritage and sustainability ethos. The design incorporates recycled materials and retains the warehouse’s structural charm, with a freestanding pod housing the cafe.

Single O Ryogoku Roastworks will open on April 24, operating Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. The roastery is located at 3-21-5, Kamezawa, Sumida, Ryogoku, East Tokyo.