Smirnoff is ushering in the summer spirit with the introduction of an exciting addition to its ready-to-drink series — Smirnoff Sodas. Striking the perfect balance between a seltzer and a traditional ready-to-drink (RTD), the new lineup boasts a burst of fruity flavours including two different soda options with five fresh and tempting flavours. The three standard Smirnoff Sodas are infused with authentic fruit juices – designed for laid-back daytime indulgence while the two robust Smirnoff Hard Sodas, are tailor-made for nights brimming with adventure. 

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Embrace the zest of summer with three juicy flavors, including Lime & Lemon, Pineapple & Lime, and Peach & Lime. Crafted with a vibrant mix of genuine fruit juice, skillfully blended with vodka, and topped off with invigorating soda water, Smirnoff Sodas are the perfect companions for sun-soaked gatherings with friends. Each Soda option boasts less than 100 calories per can, low sugar content, with just 2.2g per 100ml, and a balanced 3.5 per cent ABV, catering to those seeking a lighter calorie RTD choice during the sun-drenched summer days.

Smirnoff’s two dynamic Hard Sodas draw inspiration from the vibrant neon glow of Las Vegas, combining the velvety richness of premium Smirnoff vodka with a vibrant burst of citrus. With a bold and robust flavour profile, the Yuzu Citrus Burst Hard Soda and Pink Grapefruit Crush Hard Soda offer a refreshing blend of tangy, aromatic yuzu, and invigorating pink grapefruit. The Hare Sodas are 6 per cent ABV with only 140 calories per can and a low sugar content of 2g sugar per 100ml.

The new range is now available in liquor stores nationwide, with the Smirnoff Soda Peach & Lime and Pink Grapefruit Crush Hard Soda available exclusively at Dan Murphy’s and BWS. The Smirnoff Sodas 330ml four-packs retail for $24 RRP, while Smirnoff Hard Soda 330ml 4-packs retail for $26 RRP. 

Enjoy Responsibly.