Two Sydney pubs, The Erko and Abercrombie have launched 1 litre takeaway tap wine bottles so you can enjoy your favourite drops and help the environment at the same time.

The two Solotel pubs plus wine bar and shop Lil Sis are now slinging Wine Squealers. You can now fill 1L custom vino bottles with Pinot Grigio, Rose or Grenache (as well as a special skin contact wine available at the Abercrombie) from the bar taps for just $25. Simply bring the bottle back for a refill and pay just $20 for your next tipple.

Solotel and Aussie wine producer Alpha Box & Dice have joined forces to promote sustainability by reducing the use of glass and cardboard. The wine is kegged, allowing each venue to divert more than 5000 bottles from landfill or recycling annually. What’s not widely known is that the tap wine system also preserves the freshness of the wine, ensuring that every pour from the tap has the taste of a newly opened bottle.

While tap wine has gained popularity recently, the Erko and Abercrombie pubs in Sydney stand out as two of the few offering a takeaway and refill option. The 1L bottles are ideal for sharing at gatherings such as dinner parties, backyard BBQs, or picnics. Each bottle, made from food-grade material, is filled on-site and securely sealed until you’re ready to pour and enjoy.