Soul Origin and Lindt have announced an exciting new collaboration to create the ultimate winter indulgence – the Soul Origin Hot Chocolate and Mocha made with Lindt LINDOR. 

The Soul Origin Hot Chocolate made with Lindt is the perfect indulgence for those cold, winter days. Made with real Lindt LINDOR chocolate, paired with the Signature Soul Origin chocolate sauce, steamed milk, and a decadent creamy froth, this hot chocolate is a must for true hot chocolate enthusiasts. As chocolate connoisseurs will attest to, Lindt LINDOR chocolate is celebrated for its irresistibly smooth texture and rich, full-bodied flavour. 

Coffee lovers can also indulge in Soul Origin’s Mocha, made with Lindt LINDOR. This irresistible pairing combines the bold espresso shots of Soul Origin’s signature coffee with the velvety richness of Lindt LINDOR chocolate. The result is a deeply satisfying and exquisitely creamy mocha.

Soul Origin Lindt Partnership

To sweeten the deal, every in-store purchase of the Hot Chocolate and Mocha made with Lindt LINDOR will include a complimentary Lindt LINDOR chocolate, while stocks last. 

As a bonus, Soul Origin’s loyalty program offers an exciting opportunity for customers. Between the 1st and 7th of August, loyalty members will receive double points with the purchase of the Hot Chocolate and Mocha made with Lindt LINDOR. This means you can earn rewards faster while enjoying your favourite winter beverage.

Head to your closest Soul Origin to try the ultimate Lindt LINDOR chocolate winter beverage.