Soul Origin is introducing a new breakfast range featuring a variety of options, including brekkie buns and veggie-packed wraps from 13 June 2024. The range includes:

The Gourmet Brekkie Bun: A Symphony of Flavours – a soft, pillowy milk bun, generously spread with vegan aioli and tangy BBQ sauce. Nestled within are perfectly crispy streaky bacon strips, juicy tomato slices, a beautifully fried egg, creamy avocado slices, and cheese that brings it all together. 

Schnitty Brekkie Bun: Comfort Food At Its Finest – a juicy chicken schnitzel, cradled in a soft milk bun, smeared with vegan aioli and BBQ sauce. Topped with fresh baby spinach leaves for a pop of green, a perfectly fried egg, and sliced cheese. 

Gourmet Brekkie Wrap: A Flavour-Packed Breakfast Adventure – a flavoured-packed breakfast adventure features a harmonious blend of savoury chorizo slices, crispy streaky bacon, and sliced cheese all snugly wrapped in a soft tortilla. 

Haloumi & Veggie Brekkie Wrap: A Vegetarian Delight – a colourful wrap that includes fresh baby spinach leaves, juicy tomato slices, salty halloumi slices, meaty mushroom slices, and sweet caramelised onions

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The new Soul Origin breakfast range is available across all stores from $9.90. (Price may vary across store types and locations).

Between 17 to 30 June 2024, Soul Origin is offering all loyalty members a free coffee with any item from the new breakfast range. A voucher will automatically be loaded to your account.