As winter tightens its icy grip, Soul Origin brings a touch of warmth and comfort to our tables with the introduction of two comforting soups. These new additions promise to be the perfect antidote to the cold weather.

First on the menu is Soul Origin’s Spiced & Lentil Soup. This vegetarian warmer combines the hearty goodness of lentils with a fragrant mix of exotic spices. The result is a bowl brimming with robust, layered flavours that provides nourishment and is a hearty option that will appeal to those seeking a rich, aromatic taste. 

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For those who prefer something more traditional, Soul Origin’s Creamy Tomato Soup offers a comforting embrace of familiar flavours. This classic soup has been reimagined with a smoother, velvety texture and a more intense tomato essence. It’s like a warm hug from your grandmother’s kitchen..

Both soups are available from Soul Origin in three sizes to suit different appetites: the sipper ($4.00), regular ($8.90), and large ($11.50). These seasonal soups are available from 4 July to 14 August, making them the perfect companions for the winter season.