Soul Origin fans can enjoy three limited edition pearl beverages available from today until 14 May 2024.  Each drink is infused with the rich creaminess of Alternative Dairy Co coconut milk and coconut cream, and the lively chew of pearls. 

The flavours: 

Iced Cold Brew with Pearls

Taking it up a notch, the Iced Cold Brew with Pearls ventures into a territory where the intense profiles of cold brew coffee meet the tropical finesse of coconut. This blend harmonises the robust and smooth tones of cold brew with the velvety texture of coconuts. Sprinkled with a hint of caramel, the fusion of these elements is both refreshing and invigorating.

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Iced Chocolate with Pearls

Soul Origin presents an enigmatic rendition of the classic Iced Chocolate. The Iced Chocolate with Pearls tantalises the palate with a creamy chocolatey delight accentuated by the richness of coconut. Each sip is a delectable symphony of flavours, seamlessly blending the essence of cacao with the tropical charm of coconuts.

Iced Strawberry with Pearls

For those who seek a fruity rendezvous, the Iced Strawberry with Pearls is the embodiment of fun in every sip. This blend transports you to an oasis with its perfect amalgamation of the succulent sweetness of strawberries and the comforting creaminess of coconut. 

  • RRP: $8.00 each, $9.00 in NT, Hospitals & Airport stores 
  • From 2nd April until 15th April 2024, Soul Origin is offering loyalty members the Iced Drinks with Pearls for just $5.00. Redemption of the $5.00 Soul Origin Iced Drinks with Pearls will be via a voucher.