Soul Origin has once again partnered with Swiss Chocolatier Lindt to bring back the popular ‘Made With Lindt LINDOR’ drink range. 

For the second consecutive year, Soul Origin has masterfully combined the rich, velvety essence of Lindt LINDOR with its signature beverages, crafting a selection that caters to every chocolate aficionado’s desires. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless allure of milk chocolate, mocha, or yearn for the decadent embrace of dulce de leche or dulce de leche mocha, there’s a flavour to entice every palate.

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What sets this collaboration apart is not just the fusion of premium ingredients, but the versatility it offers. Whether you prefer your drink served piping hot, refreshingly cold, or infused with the bold kick of espresso, Soul Origin ensures that your chocolate experience is tailored precisely to your liking. 

Soul Origin and Lindt iced chocolate

This offer is available exclusively at all Soul Origin stores nationwide from 28 May to 14 July, 2024. 

Iced comes in four flavours and is $9.50. Hot also comes in four flavours and in the following sizes: (Small) $5.40, (Regular) $6.20, and (Large) $6.80.