Luxurious Australian personal care brand Coverluxesilk has shared some of its most popular products in the lead-up to Christmas, including a must-have, decadent silk pillowcase. At-home self-care shouldn’t be hard or expensive, so Coverluxesilk has made it a point to provide exceptional, time-saving and affordable self-care products to help make you look and feel exquisite. And who is going to say no to that? 

First up, a bit of pillow talk…

Coverluxesilk 100% Silk Zippered Pillowcase (RRP: $74.95)

Look after your skin and hair while you’re fast asleep with this super comfortable and luxurious pillowcase. What more could you ask for? A Coverluxesilk 100% Silk Pillowcase is the foundation of your beauty routine! These silk pillowcases have a number of beauty benefits including preventing wrinkles, and blemishes, improvement of hair growth and many more! 

Coverluxesilk pillow case

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Next, let’s talk about protecting and nourishing your luscious hair…

Coverluxesilk Lighten LuxeHeat Activated Hair (RRP: $58.95)

Lighten Luxe has a unique innovative formula that includes a blend of hero ingredients derived from nature with hydrating & lightening properties rich in vitamins E, B12, K, and C. They simultaneously work together to gently lighten your hair while protecting and nourishing it. Your hair will love you for it. 

And how about showing your lashes some love?

Coverluxesilk lash luxe
Coverluxesilk Lash Luxe Advanced Eyelash Growth Serum (RRP: $68.95)

Lash Luxe is a gentle formulation of natural elements, dermatologically tested and proven to increase your eyelashes’ length, thickness, and overall strength. Its cutting-edge formula compounds a blend of Organic Plant Extracts, Peptides, Biotin, and Pro-Vitamins including B5 and E that toil simultaneously to produce breathtaking lash growth results! 

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About Coverluxesilk 

Coverluxesilk is an Australian brand established in 2020 with prior years of extensive research into Health, Beauty and Wellness. We are the home to the highest quality luxury products that will make you look and feel confident, fresh and exquisite from the inside out. We are all about making self-care at home easy and simple. Our products are inclusive to everyone and gift you in a way where you can reap the benefits in the comfort of your own time and space because you deserve it.