Squealing Pig has unveiled a fresh line of wine options arriving in stores this month which include non-alcoholic and low-alcohol options, just in time for summer. 

With an increasing number of consumers seeking to moderate their alcohol consumption, the demand for alternatives that deliver rich flavours without the full alcohol impact has surged. As a result, Squealing Pig has expanded its customary collection of full-strength wines by introducing six new varieties in the zero and low-alcohol wine range – a development worth celebrating.

The zero alcohol range includes a Sauvignon Blanc in 750ml and 375ml bottles, as well as a conveniently sized 375ml Rosé, making these compact options ideal for any occasion.

For those seeking an option that is both lower in alcohol content and calories without compromising on taste, the Mid Pig range encompasses a low-alcohol Prosecco, Pinot Noir, and Sauvignon Blanc, all available in 750ml bottles.

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These meticulously crafted NOLO alternatives cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences, ensuring there is a suitable option for individuals who are regulating or abstaining from alcohol consumption. FOMO will be a thing of the past with these alternatives, granting individuals the choice to participate in social gatherings with friends and family while still being able to enjoy a glass of zero or low-alcohol wine. 

Squealing Pig’s commitment to quality and taste remains unwavering in this new venture – refreshing, full of flavour and undoubtedly delicious, the Zero and Mid Pig ranges will leave you questioning whether it’s missing the alcohol at all!

  • Squealing Pig Zero 750ml Sauvignon Blanc containing <0.5 per cent alcohol, it is crisp and refreshing, bursting with hints of passionfruit and fresh citrus. Available market-wide (RRP $20)
  • Squealing Pig Zero 375ml Sauvignon Blanc is available in the alcohol-free aisle in all major supermarkets (RRP $11)
  • Squealing Pig Zero 375ml Rosé containing <0.5 per cent alcohol, the Rosé is dry with flavours of strawberries and cream, a subtle cherry blossom palate and a soft, silky finish. Available in the alcohol-free aisle in all major supermarkets (RRP $11)
  • Squealing Pig Mid Pig 750ml Sauvignon Blanc has 5 per cent alcohol and the nose is crisp and bursting with a hint of passionfruit and citrus, with layers of zesty lime and passionfruit to form a layered and expressive palate. Available now at all major liquor stores (RRP $20)
  • Squealing Pig Mid Pig 750ml Prosecco with only 5% alcohol, the palate is structured and refreshing, with fruit sweetness balanced out by the crisp acidity that makes for a lingering finish. Available at all major liquor stores (RRP $20)
  • Squealing Pig Mid Pig 750ml Pinot Noir has 6.5 per cent alcohol but is still bursting with notes of raspberry, cranberry and hints of spice with juicy berry flavours, liquorice and clove, complemented by layers of delicate tannin. It is currently available at Coles Liquorland, landing in all major liquor stores in April 2024 (RRP $20)