I love the MagSafe feature on my iPhone, but I also love the accessories that are available to make the iPhone even more user-friendly on a daily basis such as the MagSafe range from the clever people at STM Goods. Take for instance the MagPod Smarter Phone Stand. The design is clean, compact, and uncomplicated – and it’s perfect for mounting your phone for those Teams meetings when working from home. 

Here are four of our favourite MagSafe accessories from STM Goods that will enhance your home office or make a great gift for those who like an organised workspace.

STM Goods Magpod
The MagPod Smarter Phone Stand is your friend during those pesky work video meetings.

MagPod Smarter Phone Stand (RRP $69.95)

This MagPod Smarter Phone stand is the perfect accessory for your iPhone when working from home and taking video calls from your colleagues. Forget about leaning your phone against your coffee cup or holding it for 30-minute meetings. The MagPod opens into a three-legged stand to elevate your phone, plus its magnetic disc allows the phone to pivot, providing the best angles for at-home digital meetups. The MagPod legs retract into a compact pod which can also be used as a handle for selfies or on-the-go filming. 

ChargeTree Go Charging Station (RRP $149.95)

This sleek, smart-looking ChargeTree Go Portable Wireless Charging Station charges three devices all at once! Forget trying to untangle all those ugly charging cables – just pop your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch on this neat charging station and let the ChargeTree do its magic. The slim vertical charger folds up compactly and takes up minimal space on a desk or nightstand. While it’s perfect for the home office or bedside, the station is also a great travel companion. 

Magloop Smarter MagSafe Accessory (RRP $39.95)

Sleek and sexy, clever and convenient, the Magloop is a 3-in-1 swing-out kickstand, soft-silicone finger loop, and even an integrated bottle opener that attaches magnetically to your iPhone’s MagSafe. Ingeniously designed for your MagSafe iPhone, MagLoop uses the power of magnets to securely snap to the back of your phone and give you a finger loop, kickstand, and even a bottle opener all in one.

Magarm Portable Phone Mount (RRP $69.95)

Working with multiple devices is a lot easier when they sit next to each other, and that’s where the MagArm really carries the load. The MagArm is a MagSafe-enabled phone mount that easily attaches to the back of your laptop screen, placing your phone in the same viewing angle as your laptop. The swivel hinge provides the perfect viewing angle, keeping your phone up and out of the way of your busy desktop, even allowing you to charge your phone while suspended above the clutter.

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