Single O, a renowned coffee brand marking two decades of roasting, innovation, and activism, has introduced the eagerly awaited ’23 edition Sugarplum Festive Reserve Blend, named ‘Fanfare’ to honour its 20th year. 

This special blend comprises a mix of its top 2023 washed and natural process coffees, including Kenya Mugaya, Colombia Condor, and Uganda Rwenzori, delivering festive flavours of candied cherry, plum, and cocoa. 

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Ideal for various brewing methods, it can be enjoyed with or without milk, served hot or cold, and is available in 250g and 1kg packs, as well as Single O’s Parachute drip coffee bags. The Fanfare ’23 edition signifies the culmination of over 11 years of Sugarplum, exuding a jubilant and effervescent vibe.

“Sugarplum release is a rub-your-hands-together moment for us every year. This Festive Season blend is the taste of liquid Christmas and it suits all brewing methods. We celebrate with it anywhere and everywhere – at home, in the café, at the family and friends table, and travelling with Sugarplum Parachutes over the summer holiday season,” says Dion Cohen, Co-Founder of Single O.

Single O’s Sugarplum ‘23 edition ‘Fanfare’ is now available to purchase via Single O’s website, cafes, and cafe partners. Coffee Beans $28 for 250g, $74 for 1kg. Parachutes 5 pack for $13, 10 pack for $25, 20 pack for $44.