Teeling Whiskey, renowned for its award-winning Irish Whiskey, has introduced the newest member of its distinguished lineup: the Explorers Series 15 Year Old Japanese Edition Irish Whiskey. 

Now available for a limited time, this exclusive release exemplifies the spirit of innovation. By incorporating unique Mugi Shochu casks, Teeling masterfully blends Irish and Japanese influences, redefining the boundaries of Irish Whiskey craftsmanship.

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Teeling Whiskey is celebrated for its inventive approach, and each bottling reflects a commitment to bold, creative whiskey-making. The Explorers Series is a testament to this philosophy, honouring the courageous Irish explorers who have ventured across the globe. Each edition of the Explorers Series captures the essence of a different nation through distinctive casks or spirit types that embody its national identity.

For the Japanese Edition, Teeling Whiskey begins its journey with eleven years of maturation in ex-bourbon barrels, capturing the quintessential character of Irish whiskey. It then undergoes an additional four years of ageing in ex-Mugi Shochu casks sourced directly from Japan. 

Shochu, a highly regarded Japanese spirit, surpasses Sake in domestic consumption. Crafted from barley, or “Mugi” in Japanese, and fermented using the traditional Koji method, Shochu is distilled in a pot still and matured in Japanese oak casks. This process produces a light, exotic, and fruity spirit unique to Japan.

The Mugi Shochu casks impart distinctive characteristics to the Teeling Whiskey, resulting in a remarkable fusion of flavours. This edition offers a harmonious blend of toasted barley, exotic lychee and passion fruit notes, and a subtle hint of oak, culminating in a sweet, mellow finish with a refreshing and crisp aftertaste. 

This exclusive release features intricate Japanese-inspired artwork on the tube and label, symbolising the cultural fusion in the whiskey. The Teeling 15-Year Old Japanese Explorer’s Edition is available at Dan Murphy’s for $175.