Tokyo Lamington has revealed a special partnership with the prestigious French Orange Liqueur brand, Cointreau, just in time for World Margarita Day on February 22nd. In honour of the beloved Margarita cocktail, Tokyo Lamington has crafted a limited edition series of Margarita-inspired lamingtons.

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The Margarita Month lamington collection includes:

  • Cointreau Margarita Lamington: Blending vanilla sponge soaked in a margarita, with a lime cream & tequila filling, dipped in white chocolate infused with Cointreau and a lime coconut.
  • Cointreau & Strawberry Lamington: Filled with strawberry mousse and orange curd, dipped in white chocolate infused with Cointreau and coated with orange-scented coconut.
  • Cointreau Chocolate Marshmallow Lamington: Boasting a Cointreau-soaked vanilla sponge with chocolate Cointreau mousse filling, dipped in a scrumptious torched marshmallow. 
Tokyo lamington with cointreau

Available in packs of three for $24, these exclusive lamingtons infuse the essence of Cointreau, a distinguished orange liqueur with a heritage tracing back to 1849. Crafted meticulously with a blend of sweet and bitter orange peels, Cointreau offers a clear, intricate flavour profile that elevates cocktails, making it the perfect complement to Tokyo Lamington’s innovative and delectable creations.

Paying homage to the Margarita’s inception, which dates back to 1948 when Dallas socialite Margarita Sames blended Cointreau, tequila, and lime juice during her Acapulco vacation, Tokyo Lamington celebrates this iconic cocktail’s timeless allure.

This collaboration between Tokyo Lamington and Cointreau promises a mouthwatering celebration of flavour, bringing the essence of Margarita Day to dessert enthusiasts. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in these exclusive treats available at Tokyo Lamington stores in Sydney and Melbourne or online for a limited time from the 20th of February until the 5th of March.