Darling Square, Sydney Place and Haymarket boast some of the best noodle venues in Sydney, so if you’re looking to get your noodle on, here’s a list to help you get slurping.

Gumshara Ramen, Chinatown

Located in Sydney’s Chinatown down Kimber Lane, Gumshara stands out as a top destination for Japanese ramen lovers, boasting unrivalled soup creations. Mori Higashida, a Japanese expatriate driven by his quest for authentic ramen in Sydney, is the mastermind behind these revered soups. Leaving behind his jeweller career, Higashida returned to Japan to refine his skills under the tutelage of Kyoto’s renowned Muteppou, only to return to Sydney in 2009 to launch Gumshara.

Step into Gumshara to be transported to ramen heaven – you won’t be disappointed. But make sure you go in there hungry as the dishes are guaranteed to leave you feeling very satisfied.

Gumshara Ramen

Lilong by Taste of Shanghai, Darling Square

Lilong brings you an authentic Shanghai community and street dining experience. It’s all about lively, memorable round-the-table moments with friends and family. Lilong’s signature range of noodles, dumplings and other dishes reflects those genuine flavours and traditional cooking techniques.

IIKO Mazesoba

IIKO Mazesoba, Darling Square

IIKO Mazesoba is the first brothless ramen specialist in Australia. Mazesoba ‘まぜそば’ is a brothless ramen that replaces soup with an umami soy-based sauce. The literal translation of its name means ‘mixed noodles’, describing the way diners should mix the housemade wheat noodles, toppings and sauce before slurping. Mazesoba is thought to have originated in the 1950s in Nagoya. It was inspired by a Taiwanese recipe (and because of this, it is also sometimes known as Taiwan Mazesoba in Japan). 

Holy Basil, Darling Square 

Starting from humble beginnings in a tiny shop at Canley Heights, Holy Basil began their journey of retelling a story on their cultural heritages through their cuisines that are uniquely Laos & Thai. Holy Basil aims to share this distinctive cuisine dominated by fresh herbs and spices with a delicate balance between sweet, sour and spicy that they have been accustomed to in our upbringing.

Holy Basil

Hello Auntie, Darling Square

Chef and owner Cuong Nguyen combines his Vietnamese heritage with a creative flair for making art on a plate – his passion for food started as a child when he would cook with the family. Hello Auntie at its core is a Vietnamese Restaurant offering a personal take on South East-Asian cuisine by taking it out of its traditional element and blending it with diverse flavours. 

Chinta Ria, Darling Square

Chinta Ria Buddha Love is a casual-style Malaysian dining room featuring the iconic 3m high Happy Buddha statue, serving home-style comfort cuisine and Chinta favourites: Satchmo Squid, King Toh Beef, Adam Ria, Chinta Laksa, curry chicken, rendang, char kway teow, har mee & more. Chinta is Love. Ria is Happiness.

Yasaka Ramen noodles

Yasaka Ramen, Sydney Place

Born in 2014 in Sydney, Yasaka Ramen is one of the city’s founding fathers of local ramen dens, and their signature Tonkotsu broth has helped build a growing cult following ever since. Made with pork bones and water, this hugely popular broth is slowly simmered for hours through a two-step cooking process, developing a complex flavour profile before being served. Three different types of noodles are made fresh daily on-site, and new dishes are introduced regularly to warrant an endless joyful ramen appreciation. 

Malay Chinese Noodle Bar, Sydney Place

Best known for serving up Sydney’s best laksa (offering over ten varieties), Malay Chinese is one of Sydney’s cult-favourite Chinese restaurants, evidenced by the lunchtime queues running out the door. The family recipe has been refined by Malay Chinese Noodle Bar founder Meng over nearly four decades behind simmering pots of goodness.

Meng’s authentic Malay cooking is legendary in Sydney, and his restaurants are an altar of flavour for the city’s foodies. 

Malay Chinese

Eat Fuh, Sydney Place 

Eat Fuh is a family-run business specialising in Vietnam’s national dish – the mighty Fuh (Pho). The restaurant offers a variety of pho options, including beef, chicken, and vegetarian, all made with high-quality ingredients and traditional Vietnamese spices and herbs. The broth is simmered for hours to extract maximum flavour and is served steaming hot with fresh rice noodles and tender slices of meat.

Eat Fuh

Chat Thai, Haymarket

As soon as Amy Chanta flung open the doors in 1989 Chat Thai became an instant smash hit with Sydney diners already familiar with Thailand and no appetite for compromising on ingredients, flavours, textures and aromas. Searching all across Sydney for the correct vegetables, herbs and sauces Amy was able to set herself apart through a stubborn dedication to reminding diners of their unforgettable food experiences on the streets of Bangkok.

Spicy Joint, Haymarket

Spicy Joint, a wildly popular Sichuan chain in China, has expanded – bringing the most popular Chinese food and nightly queues.  They serve not only native spicy food but culinary treats from across China. 

Spicy Joint

Show Neua, Haymarket

Show Neua is a Thai street food restaurant in Thai Town with a Northern Thai menu. The atmosphere is appealingly rustic with a large outdoor space. The food arrives quickly and is affordably priced. The signature dish is Khao Soi.