Vinada wines, known for its global awards, has introduced its sparkling range in Australia, adding a touch of European sophistication to the non-alcoholic market. The range – with French and Spanish roots – offers a well-balanced taste and is perfect for those choosing not to consume alcohol or those exploring sober options, these zero per cent drinks are ideal for stylish spring celebrations.

Among the selection of non-alcoholic sparkling wines, the Crispy Chardonnay stands out as the most honoured, earning the title of Best Vegan Drink 2023 at The World Alcohol-Free Awards. Crafted from 100% Chardonnay grapes sourced from the Languedoc region in France, this Chardonnay is dry, medium-bodied, and brimming with character. Anticipate hints of apple and melon on the aroma, followed by a subtle citrus undertone on the palate. Despite its lack of alcohol, this Chardonnay offers an impressive depth of flavour, likely attributed to the quality of the grapes used. It’s also vegan, gluten-free, and low-calorie.

Continuing its commitment to using top-quality ingredients in the industry, Vinada’s Tinteling Tempranillo Rosé originates from the renowned Spanish wine-growing region of La Mancha. It received a Gold medal at The Gilbert & Gaillard International Wine Challenge 2023. This non-alcoholic wine has a vibrant ruby-red colour, fine bubbles, and a balanced level of acidity. What sets it apart are the delightful notes of berries and vanilla, which contribute to its refreshing taste.

Among the three varietals, the Amazing Airén Gold stands out with its lively yellow hue. While it has a more subtle aroma and flavour profile, each sip offers an unexpected hint of spice. The Airén Gold earned a Bronze medal at the World Alcohol-Free Awards 2023, securing third place after Vinada’s Crispy Chardonnay and Tinteling Tempranillo.

Vinada – best served chilled in a wine glass – can be the perfect aperitif with salads or desserts (Tinteling Tempranillo Rosé), a lovely accompaniment with charcuterie (Amazing Airén Gold), and a more premium pairing when feasting on fresh seafood as well (Crispy Chardonnay). There truly is something for everyone. 

Purchase the Vinada range now at your local Dan Murphy’s, Liquorland, First Choice Liquor, Woolworths Metro, Harris Farm, WHSmith, Free Spirit Drink Co, Sip & Enjoy, Tabooze and Sip Zero for RRP $9.95 a bottle. 

Vinada zero alcohol chardonnay

Grapefruit Sparkle

  • 100ml Vinada Crispy Chardonnay 
  • 15ml fresh grapefruit juice 
  • 1-2 mint sprigs 
  • Cubed ice 

Fill the glass with ice, add the grapefruit juice and stir until cold. Add Vinada® Crispy Chardonnay, add the mint sprigs and stir. Add a slice of grapefruit for garnish, and serve. 

Vinada zero alcohol rose

Juicy Rosé 

  • 100ml Vinada Tinteling Rosé 
  • 60ml fresh apple juice 
  • 1/4 lemon 
  • 1-2 cinnamon sticks 
  • 1-2 mint sprigs 
  • Cinnamon powder (garnish) 
  • Sugar (garnish) 
  • Crushed ice 

Moisten the top edge of the glass, then twist the glass around in the cinnamon/sugar mix to ensure the entire rim is coated. Fill the glass with ice and then add the apple juice. Fill up the glass with Vinada® Tinteling Tempranillo Rosé, add a squeeze of lemon, garnish with a cinnamon stick and mint sprigs. 

Vinada zero alcohol

Mango Tango

  • 100ml Vinada Amazing Airén Gold 
  • 60ml fresh mango juice 
  • 1-2 mint sprigs 
  • Sugar (garnish) 
  • Crushed ice 

Moisten the top edge of the glass, then twist the glass around in the sugar to ensure the entire rim is coated. Fill the glass with ice and then add the mango juice. Fill up the glass with Vinada® Amazing Airén Gold. Garnish with mango and mint sprigs.