While Chardonnay has enjoyed enduring popularity in Australian households for many years, Katherine Brown, a fourth-generation family member and winemaker at Brown Brothers, foresees a shift in the spotlight towards a revitalising and citrusy white wine variety in the upcoming years: Fiano.

Katherine notes a discernible trend among consumers, especially the younger demographic, as they deviate from the familiar choices of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Instead, there’s a growing interest in exploring unique and niche white wine varieties, and Katherine sees Fiano as a potential answer to this evolving curiosity.

Described as evoking the essence of a salty sea breeze, with hints of lively pineapple, passionfruit, and lime, Fiano strikes a balance between being light and fresh while bursting with flavour. Katherine envisions Fiano becoming Australia’s new favourite white wine, appealing to those seeking something distinct.

Recent statistics from the wine industry align with Katherine’s observations, indicating a six per cent decline in Chardonnay consumption in Australia as consumers actively seek exciting alternatives to grace their dinner tables.

“In addition to being more adventurous with their wine choices, younger generations are also more mindful of their alcohol consumption than generations before. As a result, we’re seeing new and exciting grape varieties add excitement to the Australian wine scene and consumers are happy to spend a bit more money on a quality wine to experiment, but less often,” says Katherine. 

Katherine anticipates a noticeable transformation in the wine market, with an increased presence of Fiano and a significant shift in the availability of wine varieties. Lesser-known options like Tempranillo, Tarrango, and Albarino are poised to gain popularity in response to the escalating impact of climate change. In staying ahead of this trend, Brown Brothers has proactively invested in the development and production of top-tier, warm-climate wines.

“Some of our favourite wine varieties like Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, do tend to thrive in cooler climates. As the climate continues to warm, the growing of Fiano grapes will likely increase because of how well suited the variety is to heated conditions.”

Brown Brothers Origins Series Fiano 2022 is available for purchase online and at leading liquor retailers nationally.